Light Supper

Light Supper

We are pleased to be offering a light supper for our B&B guests this season. Whether you've driven from Dublin, Dingle or Donegal it is lovely to be able to settle in for the evening.

An evening meal at Temple House is a special experience. Gather in the morning room to meet fellow guests, check out what we're cooking that evening and choose some wine. You will dine seated together at an enormous mahogany table that dates from 1864. Imagine the stories it has heard!

If you have any dietary requirements you can tell us in the booking process - no hassle. 

You will enjoy something like Helena's delicious soup and homemade soda bread followed by a lovely Irish cheeseboard or pudding. Then move to the fireside for some tea or coffee with our homemade fudge!

You'll probably ask for the bread recipe and we will be glad to share it with you. 

There are also lots of dining options in the area should you prefer to extend the day out.