Updated 25th July 2021 

We take the health and safety of our guests very seriously.  The situation is being constantly reviewed and we will adhere to best practice and advice. 

- We have few rooms and therefore few guests. 

- We are in the fortunate position of being able to facilitate physical distancing with some ease as there is ample space. In addition, since our house is big and old, there are no ventilation concerns and all of our bedrooms are big and airy.

- The essential approach is that indoors if you are seated, and suitably distanced, you may remove your mask. If you stand up you replace your mask. We have created a second sitting room (The Library) and moved the dining room to a enormous room with lots of space.

· Wellington boots are provided so that you can enjoy the clean fresh air as you roam across on the estate.

If you are forced to cancel as a result of travel restrictions or Covid related concerns then there will be no charge applied to your reservation. Any pre-payments will be rolled forward for when you can rebook.

Our Safety Promise

The safety and well-being of our staff and guests is of paramount importance and we will comply with all guidelines to help prevent the occurrence or spread of disease. These guidelines will be regularly updated.

Covid-19 Hygiene and Safety Procedures

The following Covid-19 specific procedures will be in place when we reopen:
  • Full refresher training on our Hygiene and Safety Procedures will be provided for all staff
  • Appropriate physical distancing will be observed, in accordance with guidelines
  • Regular hand washing protocols will be in place for staff and reminders provided to guests
  • All public area high-touch hard surfaces (e.g. switches, handles, etc.) will be sanitised regularly
  • Hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes will be available at the entrance to the house
  • There will be no shared bathroom facilities
  • Bedrooms will be fully ventilated, cleaned and disinfected between guests
  • Antibacterial hand soap and wipes will be available in bedrooms
  • Lidded bins with foot pedals and bin liners will be available in bathrooms and where appropriate
  • Housekeeping staff will wear masks, disposable aprons and gloves when in the bedrooms
  • Credit/Debit card payments will be preferred and staff will observe appropriate distancing and hygiene measures when taking payment. Invoices/receipts will be provided by e-mail if required
  • Where menus/wine lists are provided, they will be single use
  • Front of House staff will wear masks, aprons and gloves during service and these will be disposable or changed regularly and washed/sanitised between use
  • There will be minimal handling of glassware, crockery and cutlery and all items will be thoroughly washed/sanitised between use
  • Condiments will be single use sachets available on request or where containers are used, they will be sanitised between use
  • Buffet displays will be limited and items will be served by Front of House staff
  • Table linen/covers will be disposable or changed and washed/sanitised between use
  • Staff will have temperatures taken regularly and, if they exhibit fever or related symptoms, will be sent home. Contact with their GP will be mandatory
  • Guests may be required to have their temperature taken, using a contactless thermometer, prior to entering the house. If any guest has a fever or related symptoms, isolation in their bedroom and contact with a local GP will be mandatory
  • There will be continued adherence to all appropriate guidelines and practices in relation to food preparation and service at all times.

Keep safe.
Roderick and Helena