Everything you need to know about planning a micro wedding

Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Everything you need to know about planning a micro wedding

The Covid19 pandemic has seen the growth of the micro wedding in 2020. With the ability to travel curtailed and the numbers allowed to gather both limited, couples have looked to new ways to celebrate their wedding day. For many this is the return to the small intimate wedding. The micro wedding trend looks set to continue for 2021.

What is a micro wedding?

A micro wedding is a small wedding with anything from 4 to 50 guests. It can still include all the traditional wedding elements but on a smaller scale, offering you a more intimate wedding experience.

Why decide to have a micro wedding?

There are several reasons why a micro wedding might suit you. Perhaps you find public health restrictions are limiting the numbers who can attend your wedding? Maybe you would like to spend more time with each guest, to make your wedding a more personal experience. For other people, a micro wedding is a smart choice that fits their budget.

What are the advantages of a micro wedding?

Fewer guests attending generally means less work and a lot less stress. You can pay more attention to smaller details, to make it a more meaningful experience. Personalised menus, place setting and quest favours are all achievable at a micro wedding. You also get to spend more time with the people in your life who are closest to your heart and still take time together as a couple.

Father and bride

What should you look for in a micro wedding location?

Your venue is the backdrop to your wedding day and should wow your guests. It should also offer you lots of options for different spaces for the ceremony, dining, dancing, and chilling out. Try to ensure you have exclusive use of the location, it is your day after all.

What are the options for catering a micro wedding?

With some micro weddings taking place in venues not traditionally used to hosting wedding you may find you have to organise each element of the day yourself. When it comes to catering be sure to find out at the outset what is included. Will you need to provide furniture, linens, flatware, stemware, etc. How and when will everything be delivered and set up, and who is responsible for serving, clearing up etc. It can add a lot of stress to your day unless you hire someone to co-ordinate everything for you. Another option is to choose a venue that offers micro wedding packages, including accommodation, ceremony, catering, and a wedding coordinator.

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Check if there are any restriction that might impact your micro wedding planning?

If you are choosing to host your wedding in a venue not traditional used for weddings you need to ensure that you have permission to include some of the essential elements of your day. Ask if there are limitations regarding photography and video especially flash photography. Are dancing and alcohol service permitted and until what time. Are there limits on the number of people attending, or gathering in particular areas of the building?

Are you planning a micro wedding this year?

Roderick and the team at Temple House are delighted to talk you through what is involved, bring you on a virtual walk through of Temple House and offer their insights based on their breadth of experience hosting weddings. Get in touch to arrange a call and to find out what dates remain available this year.