How To Plan the Perfect Party - 3 Top Tips

Saturday, 19 November 2022

How To Plan the Perfect Party - 3 Top Tips

One of the simplest pleasures in life is bringing together a group of friends and family.  Whether it’s a special birthday celebration,an anniversary,  a blushing bride’s impending nuptials, a family reunion, or just because.  You can’t go wrong with a private party.  

Whilst the thoughts of planning a party can strike fear into the hearts of some, others positively beam at the thought of lists and mood boards.  No matter which category you fall into, one thing is certain, that by choosing to host a party somewhere other than your own home, you too will almost certainly enjoy it a lot more.  Especially when you can leave the lion’s share of the workload (and clean up) to experienced professionals.

1)    Set a Budget (and stick to it!)

This is a key first step as your budget will determine your venue, the number of guests you can comfortably cater for, what decor you can have and your entertainment/things to do options.  It’s also important to consider budget if a number of people will be splitting the cost. It should be affordable to everyone contributing within the party.  And remember that it is always better to have an abundance of food and drinks for a smaller group than to try and stretch a small budget over a larger group.  Nobody wants to have hungry or thirsty guests at their event. Price is not everything - consider 'value', the experience and the memories to be shared.

2) Decide on the Atmosphere

This is the enjoyable part of party planning and where you can be the most creative. What are you trying to achieve with this party?  Is it a fun 1920s hen party or are you entertaining corporate guests?  Would you like people to wear laid back casual attire or full glam black tie?  Is your Pinterest board filled with boho chic images or Country House elegance? Your venue should reflect your theme and whilst a bare room may suit more budgets, this saving may well end up costing you more in the long run as you will need to decorate and fill that space.  It is often better to chose a venue that already has the atmosphere that you are going for, as that way you’ll need minimal additional effort to get it party prepped!  Also ensure that the venue you choose is suitable for the number of guests you are planning for.  A small gathering will be lost in vast room,and alternatively a larger group will need plenty of space to spread out and mingle. Temple House is ideally suited because we can adapt the space that we use. It is vast but intimate.


Candle Lit Dinner Party

3) The Devil is in the Detail

For all of you Monica’s out there, this is your time to shine!  Plan, plan and plan somemore.  Decide on your timeframe - when do you want to host the event? How long in advance do you need to start planning (this is especially important when trying to book in demand venues and entertainment at peak times of the year)? Create your guest list (and check it twice!) If it is a formal event you may wish to create a seating plan. Decide what time you’d like the party to start and finish and if like most Irish parties, you prefer the idea of dancing and chatting into the wee hours then choose a venue that will accommodate this.  Ensure that all of your guests have the need to know details well in advance - where, when, dress code etc.  Your invitations will set the tone right from the off.  Using a free online design tool like Canva is very simple to create a bespoke invitation which can then be emailed or printed as you prefer.  And finally, be mindful of potential guest food allergies or dietary preferences and to inform your venue of these. 


Then all you need to do is get planning your own outfit and leave the running of the event to the experts!

If you wish to create an extra special party then please contact us to discuss the spaces, accommodation, menus and activities available at Temple House. Plan for 2+ nights, it is so much more relaxing.