Lissadell House

Lissadell House

35 minutes From The Hotel

Lissadell is famous as the childhood home of Constance Markievicz, her sister Eva Gore Booth and her brother Josslyn Gore Booth. Constance, one of the leaders of the 1916 Rising, was the first woman to be elected to Dail Eireann, serving as Minister for Labour. She was the first woman minister in a modern European democracy. She also was elected to the House of Commons at Westminster, London (where she declined to take her seat). Eva was a poet of distinction and an active suffragist, clashing with the young Winston Churchill over barmaids’ rights in 1908. Josslyn created at Lissadell one of the premier horticultural estates in Europe. This horticultural enterprise has now been recreated at Lissadell. Sligo born poet W. B. Yeats was friendly with the Gore Booth sisters and stayed at Lissadell in 1893 and 1894. He immortalised Lissadell and the Gore Booth sisters in his poetry:

The light of evening, Lissadell
Great windows open to the south
Two girls in silk kimonos, both
Beautiful, one a gazelle. …
Many a time I think to seek
One or the other out and speak
Of that old Georgian mansion, mix
pictures of the mind, recall
That table and the talk of youth,
Two girls in silk kimonos, both
Beautiful, one a gazelle

Lissadell is now home to the family of Edward Walsh and Constance Cassidy. An enormous amount of restoration has been achieved in the house and gardens under their guardianship. Lissadell House and Gardens is certainly one of Sligo’s top things to do. Temple House is just 35 minutes south of Lissadell.

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