The Glen of Knocknarea

The Glen of Knocknarea

The Glen
 From The Hotel

This magical looking glen is more characteristic of a micro-valley. A few days ago I set out to find this hidden glen. After asking a few locals for directions I still passed the entrance twice before even realising. The entrance is basically a hole in a hedge & there are no signs which is a pity as this place truly deserves to be seen & appreciated by our modern generation.

Entering the deep chasm is like entering a walkway to another world! This glen is carved deep into limestone rock for almost 1 mile. There are many specimens of trees & plants growing here that look like they belong in a tropical rain forest. Vines drape from the tree canopy above right down to the valley floor & fresh rain water treacle’s down the uniformed walls on each end which are 60 ft in height along the entire length of the glen.

This glen/valley is near the sacred hill of Knocknarea where the ancient queen Maeve of Irela is buried on top. There is archaeological evidence that proves our ancestors carved rock from this glen thousands of years ago to use as Dolmen tombs across County Sligo, Ireland. Theory also states that they may have used this valley for ceremonial & ritual practices.

Access to the Glen can be difficult: it is a pretty overgrown spot. Trees and branches fall across the pathway, and during the wet weather often experienced in Sligo, there are often large, deep pools of mud to be crossed. Unless the weather has been dry for weeks, wellingtons or stout boots are essential.

Photo by Gareth Wray