Traditional Music

Traditional Music

traditional music
20 mins From The House

You’ve heard about the ‘craic’. It’s all here in Co Sligo.

Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann sessions keep Irish Traditional music alive and the emigrants to the U.S.A. from South Sligo, like Coleman, Morrison and Killoran, greatly influenced the Irish music and style when mass record sales began in the ’20s. The main instruments played hereabouts are the Fiddle and Flute, Tin Whistle, Accordion, Bodhran [Goat skin hand drum] banjo and guitar.

We can direct guests to local traditional music sessions. There are many interesting pubs to recommend within 25 minutes of Temple House, (5 mins on Wednesday and Friday) where you can enjoy musicians playing and sometimes dance to their music after dinner. Music often does not start until 10pm.

Mondays - Sligo: The Harp Tavern, McGarrigles, Fureys

Tuesdays - 
Sligo: Shoot the Crows

Wednesdays - 
Sligo: Shoot the Crows, Fiddlers Creek

Thursdays - 
Sligo: McGarrigles, Hargadons

Fridays - 
Sligo: Foley's, Hargadon's. Strandhill: the Venue and the Strand. Ballinacarrow (close): Durkins

Saturdays - 
Sligo: Foley's, The Harp Tavern

Sundays - 
Sligo: Donaghy's, The Irish House

This is a great site updated every week with the Sligo music scene.