Alexa and Ty

Alexa and Ty

Alexa and Ty

The wedding of Alexa and Ty at Temple House on 16th Sept 2023

This page is intended purely as our guide only, through a secret url. Last update:  2/9/2023

 FRIDAY 8th Sept 
  Deadline for final numbers and seating plan. * ONE BIG TABLE
Food choices and any dietary requirements too
26 adults (including young adults of 11, 14 and 18) and 5c under the age of 2
**** DIETS: no yellow dye x 1

Assume 4 veggies

THURS 14th 
 from 3pmArrival 

Room Allocations
No cots required in the big house.

Castle: Alexa and Ty (Beckham 1yo)  your cot
Blue: Bailey and Keegan (Kru 1yo) your cot
Maple: Jaxon
Half Acre: Brittaney and Tatum with Titus and Kelsey AGES?
Porch: Lizzy and Sterling
Red: Holly and Zen
Twins: Connie and Tammy, Ashtyn ?? yo
Poppy: Grandpa and Michelle  TWIN
Elderfower: Bob and Lisa
Woodpecker: Roger and Tina


** 2 cots required.

Landon and Kelby with Londaon (1yo)
Donna, Kelsie and Megan
Kenzie and Kody plus KJ (1 yo)

 7.30Dinner - open to anything.. * Maybe some sort of chicken and pasta for everyone

DRINKS - open all w/e
 9-10 Breakfast
  Finalise Seating Plan 
 8.30 - 9.30 Breakfast
 from ??am 
Hair: friend
Make Up:  friend
  Flowers: *** Better to arrange before you reach Ireland. Forget me not in Sligo or Guns and Roses in Tubbercurry. 
  Photographer: Naomi somebody **
  Cake: ***TBC
 1.00 Lunch on the hoof. **** choose from base of food page please. **** How many eg cottage too?
 open drinks. Drinks not allowed into ceremony.
 3.30pm Ceremony - outside if possible
  Celebrant: Orla something *** mobile number?
humanist Ceremony music: singer Joy  087 292 2253

 4.00Reception. Your music on our speaker **. Download the playlist in advance - do not rely on streaming.
Prosecco allocation TBC. Open Bar/Pay Bar?
-Chunky guacamole and salsa bites
-Sliced sirloin beef, rocket and balsamic glaze bites
-irish smoked ham mini quiche

 5.30 Speeches in garden or vestibule depending on weather
 6.00 Dinner

 House wine

Irish leek and potato


Irish salmon gravlax with balsamic reduction and cucumber pepper salsa

16 x parm ham wrapped chicken...
6 x pork filled schnitzel, buckwheat....
4 x crispy potato pancakes, ratatouille


-chocolate apple crumble with pistachio ice cream


 from 8.00 Playlist again
 ~11 Late  Supper  ??

 12.00 Last orders
 12.30 Retire around now.

 9.00-10.00 Breakfast
11.30 Check Out