Ciara and Brian

your wedding party Friday June 17th

Ciara and Brian

Ciara and Brian

The wedding of Ciara and Brian at Temple House on 17th June 2022

This page is intended purely as our guide only, through a secret url. Last update:  24/4/2022

We have 2 that are babies also and would need to have milk refrigerated etc

 SUN June 12th 
  Deadline for final numbers and seating plan
13 adults and 5 children under 12

THURS June 16th  
 from 3pmArrival 

Room Allocations
Castle: Robert and Maria Dooley- Isla Dooley (baby)
Blue: Ethel and Cathal Grant
Maple: Ciara Lynch / *** SAT Patrick and Kathleen
Half Acre:  Patrick and Kathleen Dooley, Lauren Dooley in the single adjoining / ***SAT Brian and Ciara
Porch: Derek and Emma Lynch Holly and Becki Lynch on the day bed 
Red: Patricia Lynch, Michaela Lynch Grant
Twins: Eabha and Cara Grant
Poppy- Brian Dooley / *** SAT Lauren Dooley
Elderflower- Des Lynch

Woodpecker: Diarmuid and Seadh Grant

 Finalise Seating Plan

 7.00 short rehearsal with Fr James in Ballymote at 7pm
 8.00 Rehearsal Dinner TBC
Regarding some nibbles for the first night- if there could be a platter of the cheese and ham sandwiches/cajun chicken ones that would be great or even some scones/buns. We are casual enough on the first night.

 8.30 - 9.30 Breakfast
 from ??am 
Hair: Gemma Crossan
Make Up: Aisling Leydon and Brenda McArdle
  Flowers: Leitrim Flowers
  Photographer: Wedding Moments
  Cake: you are bringing it with you
 12.00 Lunch on the hoof.

Dolphin friendly tuna melt with sweet corn, spring onions, grated cheddar
Medium white cheddar, home cooked ham, tomato with whole grain mustard mayo
Cajun grilled chicken, roasted red bell pepper & creole mayonnaise
Coronation chicken lightly curried chicken with crème fraiche, golden sultanas toasted almond flakes
St Tola goat’s cheese, baby spinach and sun kissed tomato pesto
Oak smoked salmon & cream cheese with red onion & mixed baby leaves

GF bread available

Choose 3
€7 including tea/coffee

 Costello Wedding VW Vintage Bus
 1.00pm Ceremony - Ballymote Church

can you marry a little later

Prosecco allocation TBC. Open Bar/Pay Bar?

We have 15 adults, 5 children (eating from children's menu), 1 baby (possibly need a baby bowl for her)
We have no one who is vegetarian or allergic to anything.

1.Spiced Pork & Leek Sausage with Truffle Mash
2. Rolled Smoked Ham Crepes with Tarragon Cream
3. Smoked Chicken & Brie with Mango Salsa
4. Tiny Parmesan & Black Olive Shortbreads with Pesto & Goats Cheese

 5.30 Speeches in garden or vestibule depending on weather
 6.00 Dinner

 Wine allocation 1/2 per adult

Leek and Potato Soup (v)
Traditional Caesar Salad, Crispy Pancetta, Grana Padano Parmesan, Sour Dough Croutons, Baby Gem Leaves, Classic Dressing.
Mullaghmore Potted Crab, Piccalilli, Sourdough Flute

1.Cornfed Chicken Ballotine, Creamed Leeks, Fondant Potato, Jus Lie
2.Temple House Rack of Lamb, Fondant Potato, Heritage Carrots, Buttered Fine Be
3. Pan Fried Fillet of Cod, Tender Stem Broccoli and a Citrus Beurre Blanc

Sticky Toffee Pudding with Irish Whiskey Sauce Vanilla Ice Cream

As you mentioned chicken goujons, sausages, potatoes, and chips would be perfect. We have three that are older children so if there is a slight option that would be great. Would they also be able to have ice cream as their dessert, please? 
 from 8.00 Band: 
 ~11 Late  Supper
Homemade Pork and Sage with Caramelised Red Onion Sausage Rolls
Pulled Pork Brioche Baps Asian Slaw

**** Probably not necessary since you will not be mad dancing!
 ~11 DJ
 12.00 maybe some depart now - arrange first bus
 1.45 last orders 
 2.00 Carriages.
 9.00-10.00 Breakfast
11.30 Check Out
  Children's meals €15
Thursday evening 2 course meal 43 euro