Haley and Nick

June 28-30 2022

Haley and Nick

Haley and Nick

The wedding of Haley and Nick at Temple House June 28-30

This page is intended purely as our guide only, through a secret url. Last update:  16/3/2022

originally expecting 15 guests, this must have increased considering they have added on the cottage

 SUNDAY June 19th 
  Deadline for final numbers for food order. bill locked in. 
#adults and # children
Food choices too
 from 3pmArrival 

Room Allocations
Half Acre: 

2 double rooms, 2 twin rooms and 2 bathrooms

Breakfast in big house @ 12 euro

 8.30- Breakfast
 ~6.00 Rehearsal Dinner (2 course)
 FRIDAY 30th 
 8.30 - 9.30 Breakfast
 from ??am 
Make Up: 
  Lunch on the hoof. x ??
Choose 3
Dolphin friendly tuna melt with sweet corn, spring onions, grated cheddar
Medium white cheddar, home cooked ham, tomato with whole grain mustard mayo
Cajun grilled chicken, roasted red bell pepper & creole mayonnaise
Coronation chicken lightly curried chicken with crème fraiche, golden sultanas toasted almond flakes
St Tola goat’s cheese, baby spinach and sun kissed tomato pesto
Oak smoked salmon & cream cheese with red onion & mixed baby leaves

GF bread available

€7 including tea/coffee

 from 2.30 Guests Arrive. Buses by: try
  Pay Bar OR open before ceremony? Drinks not allowed into ceremony.
 3.30pm Ceremony - on site. Garden or Gallery? If there is danger of rain we set up the ceremony in the gallery with a wonderful skylight.
  Celebrant - TBC
Ceremony music: 

Prosecco allocation TBC. Open Bar/Pay Bar?
For drinks the norm is usually that the couple pay for wine and Prosecco/Champagne.
Our French house wine is from 27 euro with more wines on our list if they are interested. The most popular wines tend to be Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon for broad appeal
Extra Dry Spumante Prosecco from 39 euro. Champagne from 59 euro. I suggest Prosecco because it is so good.

Sometimes couples chose to offer some drinks from the bar during the cocktail hour. I tend to suggest beer only for ease but the bar can be 'open' too. We would keep a tab for settlement on the final bill. If a brake has to be called on the open bar, stop it when the meal starts. There will be wine on the table and guests can pay for any other drinks themselves.

Should couples prefer not to have an open bar, we keep a tab for each room usually, unless the numbers of the party swell to a number above 30. At this point a pay bar operates with contactless payment preferred.
3 (v)

 5.30 Speeches in garden or vestibule depending on weather
 6.00 Dinner

 Wine allocation 1/2 per adult

Soup (v)
2 (v)
1 Dessert
 from 8.00 Band: 
 ~11 Late  Supper. eg
Lebanese Style Falafels with Tahini and Hummus
Homemade Pork and Sage with caramelised red onion sausage rolls
 ~11 DJ
 12.00 maybe some depart now - arrange first bus
 1.45 last orders 
 2.00 Carriages.
  Buses by: Brendan Doddy 086 3341648  Taxis will not operate out here at 2am.
 9.00-10.00 Breakfast
11.30 Check Out