Kate and Kevin

26th June 2021

Kate and Kevin

Kate and Kevin

The wedding party of Kate and Kevin Saturday 26th June 2021 at Temple House

This page is intended purely as our guide only, through a secret url. Last update:  20/12/2020
Kate and Kevin

 Final deadline for final numbers and seating plan
up to 10 per table
 from 3pmArrival 

Room Allocations
1 Castle:
2 Blue:
3 Maple: 
4 Half Acre:
5 Porch:
6 Red: 
7 Twins: 
8: Poppy: 
9 Bluebell: 
10: Woodpecker: 

Cottage: 2 twin and 2 double rooms
 Decorate if you would like to.
 Perfect Seating Plan



 8.30 - 9.30 Breakfast
 from ~9.30 Hair Salon 2 in Sligo. Will they not come here because it will save you an hour of the morning
  Make Up: Marcella McGovern m/u here
  Photographer: Fox and Quill
  Flowers: eg Leitrim Flowers or Flower Shed

Buses: Brendan Doddy 086 334 1648
 Cake arrives: Cake Rise or Cake Lady.
 Lunch on the hoof. We can do it for 25 now
2.00 pm St Patrick's church Strandhill

3.45 pmDrinks Reception
 Prosecco and open beer
 Orange/Apple Juice, tea for some from kitchen


3 (v)

5.15 Speeches in garden or vestibule depending on weather
5.45 Call for dinner
 6.00 Wine allocation
 x Cabernet Sauvignon?
 x Sauvigon?

Diets so far
Soup (v)
2 (v)
Vegan (v)
 from 8.00 The Mass Band 

 ~10.30 Late Supper
Sausage Rolls ??
Vegan Sausage Rolls 
DJ who?

2.00am Carriages.
Brendan Doddy buses +353 86 3341648

 9.00-10.00 Breakfast
  check out by noon