Philip and Franzi

8th Oct 2022

Philip and Franzi

Philip and Franzi

The wedding of Philip and Franzi on 8th October at Temple House

This page is intended purely as our guide only, through a secret url. Last update:  23/9/2022

 SUNDAY October 2th Deadline for final numbers, guest food choices and seating plan
91 adults and 7 children (2-8 yr)

FRIDAY October 7th  
 from 3pmArrival 

Room Allocations
Castle Room – Franzi & Philip Lewis
Blue Room – Teresa & Brian Lewis [Philip’s parents]
Maple Room – Christina & Johannes Dittman [Friends] & their daughter Rosalie (~ 1 year old)
½ Acre Room – Maria Eichel-Wilke, Reinhard Eichel, Bernadette Wilke
[Maria = Franzi’s Mother, Reinhard = Maria’s husband, Dette = Franzi’s sister]
Hat/Porch Room – Katie & Kieran Fox [Katie = Philip’s sister] & their daughters Penny (~ 4 years old) and Ruby (~1 year old)
Red – Andrew Lewis, Silvia Galbiati [Andrew is Philip’s brother] & their daughter Sofia (~ 5 years old )
Twin – Jess Clayton & Simon Papenkort [Friends] & their son Eli (~ 3 years old)
Poppy – Klaus Wilke [Franzi’s father]
Elderflower – Riona Judge [Philip’s cousin]
Woodpecker – Concetta Russo [Franzi’s Aunt]


Cottage guests:
Miriam & Fridolin Koch (King)
Michelle Mülhausen & Sean Gallen (Double)
Leoni Döpper & Judith Bergold (Twin)
Fee Sachs (Twin)

 Finalise Seating Plan
 ~6.00 Rehearsal Dinner
Goats Cheese Tortellini

10 Cornfed Chicken Ballotine
13 Mushroom Strudel (v)
3 x Kids Chicken goujons/chips
2 babies
The question is, is the goat’s cheese pasteurized? (asking because my sister is pregnant with her third).  YES
​Klaus Wilke (Franzi’s father) will be arriving late too late on Friday to join us for dinner - We'll keep a plate of chicken for him.

 8.30 - 9.30 Breakfast
 from 8am 
Hair: Gemma Crossan
Make Up: Carol Willis
  Flowers: Leitrim Flowers
 11.30 Photographer: Katie Farrell from Dublin. Until 9.30pm
  Cake: Beeswing Bakes, Fermanagh
  Lunch on the hoof.
 Cajun grilled chicken, roasted red bell pepper & creole mayonnaise
St Tola goat’s cheese, baby spinach and sun kissed tomato pesto
Oak smoked salmon & cream cheese with red onion & mixed baby leaves

including tea/coffee

house and cottage x 28

 from 2.15-2.30 Guests Arrive. Buses by: try
  Pay Bar before ceremony
 2.45/3.00pm Ceremony - where
  Celebrant: P brother (Andrew) and Franzi’s sister (Dette) will lead the ceremony.
Ceremony music: a local lad and old acquaintance of mine has agreed to play some background acoustic guitar before, during, and after the ceremony. **** Will he be able to use his own speaker?

Prosecco allocation TBC. Open Bar/Pay Bar?
Canapés - none

Wedding cake instead - the German custom.
So cake cutting early in the afternoon so that we can 

 5.30 Speeches in garden or vestibule depending on weather. If a mic is required outside due to breeze you should do it off stairs in vestibule without mic
  Group Photo
 6.00 Dinner

 Wine allocation 1/2 per adult

1 vegan
1 Coeliac

Soup - none in favour of 2 dessert.
59 Mullaghmore Potted Crab, Piccalilli, Sourdough Flute
32 Sweet Potato and Corn Cakes with Scamorza, Coriander, Whipped Cream Cheese Dip (v)

Kids x 7
asta with separate tomato sauce and grated cheese

50 Slow Cooked Sligo Lamb Shoulder, Root Vegetable Purée, Rosemary Jus

25 Pan Fried Fillet of Cod, Tender Stem Broccoli and a Citrus Beurre Blanc

16 Butternut Squash and Sage Girasole with Sage and Pine Kernel Burnt Butter (v)

68 Rhubarb and Apple Crumble, Madagascar Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
23 Buttermilk Panna Cotta, Red Berry Puree and Biscotti

 from 9.00 Band: The MASS Band
 ~11 Late  Supper
Lebanese Style Falafels with Tahini & Hummus (v)
Pulled Pork Brioche Baps Asian Slaw
 ~11 DJ
 12.00 maybe some depart now - arrange first bus
 1.45 last orders 
 2.00 Carriages.
  Buses by: Brendan Doddy 086 3341648  Taxis will not operate out here at 2am.
 9.00-10.00 Breakfast
11.30 Check Out
  Friday Main Meal Choices:

Franzi Lewis – Mushroom Strudel
Philip Lewis – Chicken
Brian Lewis – Chicken
Teresa Lewis – Chicken
Andrew Lewis – Chicken
Silvia Galbiati – Mushroom Strudel
Katie Fox – Mushroom Strudel
Kieran Fox – Chicken
Maria Eichel-Wilke – Mushroom Strudel
Reinhard Eichel – Chicken
Dette Wilke – Mushroom Strudel
Concetta Russo – Chicken
Simon Papenkort – Mushroom Strudel
Jess Clayton – Chicken
Fee Sachs – Mushroom Strudel
Judith Bergold – Mushroom Strudel
Sean Gallen – Mushroom Strudel
Michelle Mülhausen – Mushroom Strudel
Leoni Döpper – Mushroom Strudel
Miriam Koch – Mushroom Strudel
Fridolin Koch – Chicken
Johannes Dittman – Mushroom Strudel
Christina Dittman – Chicken
Penny Fox – Kids choice
Elias Papenkort – Kids choice
Sofia Lewis – Kids choice
Ruby Fox – We shall bring our own food for the baby.
Rosalie Dittman – We shall bring our own food for the baby.