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Wedding Costs

Most people have a budget in mind when planning their wedding. It is a sensible thing to do since there are so many things that you can consider when organising your wedding party. There are essential things and then extra bells and whistles. Having decided what sort of vibe you like, in our opinion the 3 most important things to arrange are 

1. a venue - yipee
2. a celebrant, which in turn establishies what sort of ceremony you would like 
3. a band, with a DJ too

Beyond that there are of course other elements which will need your attention but they will tend to fall into place once you get started.

We do not do wedding packages as such. 
Every wedding celebration at Temple House is bespoke. 
Shape it with us to wow your guests. 

Venue Fee
We believe in transparancy - so here it is.
- including 2 nights B&B for up to 20 guests in 10 rooms
2024: 6,750 euro
2025: 7,000 euro
2026: 7,250 euro
Yes, it's good.

Ceremony space, if here
either in the terraced garden or the beautiful gallery if the weather is unkind
250 euro

Rehearsal Dinner
2 courses around 44 euro when we enjoy a casual gathering

Buffet from say 80 euro
Sit Down from say 100 euro
Inflation is playing havoc with pricing at the moment.

Prosecco: a delicious dry one from 44 euro
Champagne: from 59 euro
House wine from 28 euro. A good French Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon. We also have a wine list for you to peruse.
Budget for around 1/3 bottle of bubbly per person and 1/2 bottle of wine per person.
We pop up a bar for you and you decide how much you'd like to cover. Some prefer to provide only bubbly and wine (as above, others will offer beer during the drinks reception too. Perhaps the your tradition is an open bar. Whatever your preference, we'll work it out.

The cottage accommodation
This is optional but handy for an extended family. Sleeps 8. 
from 500-600 euro for 2-3 nights. 

Other wedding costs here
Yours is a bespoke wedding so you will approach the suppliers directly for 
  • Wedding Flowers and extra decorations if you need them
  • Ceremony Music
  • Celebrant
  • Band and DJ
  • Shuttle Bus
  • you're right - this is not an exhautive list 

To reserve your date a 1,000 euro is requested. Yes, that is all. This is non refundable but transferable. We take another 1,000 euro 4 months out and the bulk of the food costs a week out when we have locked numbers in for the ordering. The rest we tend to mop up upon departure.